dating in Chicago rocks

Chicago Rocks for Singles

Chicago is hep and happening as a city, with all the right reasons to be single in 2019. Being single is a reason to celebrate in the city and not one to feel unhappy about. A recent survey in 2018 shows Chicago is rated at the top city when it comes to getting dates and finding love on the move. Finding love and a single partner in Chicago is easy, as long as you play tour cards well and are socially active.

Reasons why finding a soul mate is easy

The good news is that you have plenty of company in the city when it comes to being single Studies have shown that more than 60% of adults in the city in the age groups of 18-44 are single and ready to mingle, irrespective of gender. So now more do you need to feel left out being single in town as more than half of the city has single adults you can hook up with dating events and social meets.

A very liberal attitude towards sex! Research has revealed that almost 41% of Chicago females are oaky with getting intimate on the first date. The men surprisingly were lesser in number about 37%. So if you are looking to rock the boat on the first date itself Chicago is the city where you are likely to score big time. Could you ask for anything better!

Not many people are aware that Chicagoans re relay smart people with around 48% (25-34 years) having a college degree. In comparison to the Big Apple (around 46%), the locals of Chicago are definitely a brighter bunch. There are plenty more locals cramming up to earn their degrees and dozens of colleges in the city and its suburbs. They come from all walks of life so when you decide to date in Chicago, the likelihood of your date being really smart and intelligent to converse with is more likely.  

No need to share your digs with anybody when in Chicago because it is quite affordable to live alone in town. The median rent when compared to other metros like San Francisco, Manhattan or Boston is much lower in cost. So if you are someone that likes to stay alone and not have flatmates invade your privacy, Chicago is the city to live. You can have your date over whenever you feel like without the bother of anyone disturbing the two of you. Of course, if mum and dad decide to pay a surprise visit that is another thing altogether!

Chicagoans are nice, really nice! While there may be no number to back the theory up, the bottom line is in comparison to folks of the East Coast, Midwesterners are a nicer bunch of people! They are much more open and welcoming of strangers and ready to help each other out in a fix. Starting conversations with perfect strangers is normal and even if you are new in town, you will feel right at home in Chicago.

So, in conclusion, being single in Chicago is not just cool, there are plenty of reasons it rocks as a local!

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