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Is Chicago the Best City to Find Love in the U.S.?

Dating is something that happens all over the world, in every major city and country. Yet, like all things in life, is there a better place to find your perfect match. Particularly when it comes to love and settling down? So, we thought we’d take a look at why Chicago dating claims to be better, compared to the New York dating scene. Since many of us eventually want to settle down, get married, have a kid or two (or dogs/cats if you prefer), so is it true that certain American states have better commitment rates, regarding relationships?

Now we’re not slating or saying that New York City is bad. Actually, it’s a pretty awesome place to visit, live and date. However, compared to Chicago, New York always seems to be well short-term. It’s a place that many people dream of visiting all over the world. For Americans, it’s the holy grail as one of the capitals of the fashion world, business and of course, for shopping! Yet, this city is often dominated by young, care-free singles who aren’t particularly interested in long-term commitment to dating. Despite how NYC is portrayed in Sex in the City, it has some accuracy, but the reality is slightly more disappointing the dream. Especially when it comes to finding a long-term relationship, marriage, etc. Well, actually that’s an accurate portrayal in fairness to Carey from Sex in the City.

Yes, New York may dominate over Chicago – but when it comes to dating, finding love and even making new friends, Chicago is far better and reigns over NYC. Well, here are our three top reasons why we feel that Chicago, Ill is a far better place to meet, date, chat and flirt with singles. We decided to color code to make it easier: Chicago vs. New York City

1. Unfriendly vs. Friendly

You may have lived or visited NYC and noticed that everyone always seems to be busy, and it can often come across rude and well abrupt. We did a quick google search of “Why are New Yorkers rude?” and before we’d finished typing, it came up as a suggestion! There are actually tons of forums, there’s even a post on Trip Advisor. Yet, Chicago is known as a friendly state, where people are more willing to help and get to know new people. As they say, one of the best ways of finding lasting love is with someone who you were friends with first. Not only that, if you want to meet, chat and even flirt with people it’s much easier to do so with a single from Chicago, compared to NYC as they’re more likely to want to get to know you.

2. Romance vs. Business

Following on from point one, everything seems to be in the fast lane in NYC and love is no exception. Although New York boasts tons of romantic spots, come on we’ve seen the movies, in reality, there’s far less spark. Yet, in Chicago, romance is greatly appreciated even if you’re dating casually! It’s actually far easier to find a hookup in Chicago compared to New York. There’s some great singles bars in Chicago, as well as some stunning, candlelit bars and restaurants. So, if you’re looking for love or want casual, low-key dates and you can have both when you date in Chicago, Illinois.

3. Commitment vs. Not-so-committed

You are far more likely to be able to meet and date singles in Chicago compared to New York. Besides, having an easier dating life, singles in Chicago are much more open to going-steady, settling down and even getting married. Now, New Yorker’s not so much. Actually, Thrillist explains why the NYC dating scene is far different than anywhere else in the world, but it’s not a good thing. They explain that New Yorkers are non-committal (nope, there wasn’t a trip advisor thread), but finding someone who actually wants to date, rather than “Netflix n’ Chill” is actually quite a challenge.

So, there you have it, our top three reasons why Chicago dominates the dating scene compared to New York. You can get laid, fall in love and actually make friends here!

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