dating Chicago style

Chicago is the ideal cosmopolitan city and finding a partner among the many single men and women should not be a challenge. Of course, those having busy professional lives benefit immensely from finding a partner online. Join any of the online dating services, with most offering free membership. There is no hassle of going on a blind date and finding the man or woman is not compatible at the end of the date. You also have a great choice of partners and you can first develop a rapport, before moving to the next step and actually dating offline in the city. 

Unique aspects of dating in Chicago

Winter is the coldest period

The mercury relay dips during the winter with semi artic conditions across the city. The period from December to March is when most folks like to remain indoors, because of the freezing conditions outside. But then there always are those brave enough that would like to hook up with a partner so that they could snuggle up indoors and stay cozy. Most dates are organized indoors rather than out in the cold outdoors.

Summer is when most become commitment-phobic

By the time summer arrive most Chicagoans are ready to party really hard. There are loads of music festivals, street festivals, parties and partying on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is also a time when everybody lets their hair down with people being less committed.

Casual dates

Unlike some other cities where you have to take your date to a fancy upscale restaurant, Chicagoans are perfectly cool with going out on street food dates. Whether it is hot dogs or hamburgers couples are cool to keep their date simple and fun as long as the food is good.

Commitment matters

The great thing about Chicago is unlike the Big Apple, where most partners are commitment-phobic, the locals back home are open to the idea of commitments. You can be pretty sure that the partner you are dating will be around for some time and drop you for someone new on a whim. 

More budget friendly

When we compare Chicago to New York, the former is much more wallet-friendly. A few rounds of drinks will set you back by a small fortune in the Big Apple, unlike Chicago where you could enjoy drinks at a far more affordable price.

You could spend the night at your date’s place

The good thing about Chicago is most of the younger crowd can afford to have their own accommodation. That means no awkward moments of having the roommate or parents coming home when you’ll are just getting romantic.

Friendlier and less professional in relationships

Unlike the Big Apple where most people are professional in their dealings including relationships, Chicagoans have that typical mid-western charm and they are friendlier and easier going in their personal relationships. That does not mean they are unprofessional in their professional lives. It is just that do not carry their workplace attitude over to their personal lives and relationships.

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